Shreeji x Shubhankar

श्री ॐ शुभ

वक्रतुण्ड महाकाय​ सूर्यकोटि समप्रभ​।

निर्विघ्नम् कुरु मे देव​ सर्व कार्येषु सर्वदा॥

With prayers to Kali Ma and Modheshwari Ma,

Together with the Parekh and the Bhattacharya families,

Shreeji & Shubhankar

eagerly invite User and family to celebrate their marriage on

Sunday, December 4, 2022


Mumbai, India

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Are you attending our wedding? Please say yes.

Yes, accept.

Regret, with best wishes.

Please RSVP before November 28, 2022.

You've responded to this invite with a Yes. We're very excited to have you with us.

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When & Where

User, the family welcomes you and family to our following ceremonies.

Eleven o'clock in the Morning to 2:30PM in the Afternoon

With Lunch

At: Hotel Parle International, Vile Parle East, Mumbai, India

Eleven o'clock in the Morning to 2:30PM in the Afternoon

With Lunch

At: The Parekh House

Eleven o'clock in the Morning to Four o'clock in the Afternoon

Includes Lunch

At: Estella, Mumbai, India

Travel & Stay

User, the we is excited to have you stay close to us during this wonderful time of our lives. Your stay has been booked here:

The Orchid Hotel Mumbai Vile Parle, Vile Parle East, Mumbai

Check-in: December 1, 2022 and Check-out: December 5, 2022

For any questions with your stay, please call +91-76710 25163

Who are We

Raised with traditional Gujarati values in a close-knit family, Shreeji Parekh has always looked for someone who feels as intensely about life as she does.

Presented with love by Chhaya and Kamlesh Parekh, and Shrenuj Parekh.

Born with a talent for learning every subject quickly and with precision, Shubhankar Bhattacharya found that his favorite lesson in life is 'love'.

Presented with pride by Juthika and Sankar Bhattacharya, Swati, Smit, Jai, and Uma Sharma, and Seva.

Questions with Answers

The first time we met, we ended up having hot chocolate, walking, eating pasta, and most enjoyably - talking… for seven hours! It was like we had known each other for a long, long time, maybe even forever.
Before you think, “Sure, so you're telling me this is just another mushy love story with a dreamy beginning”, this was the very first set of messages we exchanged with each other.
Shubhankar: “A pleasure to connect with you Shreeji. I would love to take you out for coffee sometime.”
Shreeji: “brb having dinner.”
Who could have seen what those messages would have led to? We certainly didn't.

Shubhankar's favorite activity is cooking while Shreeji's is cleaning. It's the perfect combination because both of us dislike doing what the other is into.

Sunday afternoons are reserved for pizza, or pasta, or Indian food…or whatever else Shreeji is in the mood for.

Kindness and empathy :)

Doing right by ourselves, each other, and to everyone we cross paths with.

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Please RSVP by November 28, so we may be able to plan better.

Welcome to Mumbai, India! The weather here is fantastically warm and humid…all the time. Get ready for some frizzy hair with that beach-y saltiness in the air. You can safely expect some light rain or drizzling in December which most Indians believe is a sign that the gods are blessing us from the sky.

All food served in our ceremonies will be strictly vegetarian, with many vegan options.

For all our ceremonies, we expect our guests to dress in Indian formal, which is a mix of Western Black Tie dress code and Indian formal traditional wear. If you're part of the wedding party of either side, you may already be informed of your thematic dress code.
One more thing: Calling all ladies! Do not wear stiletto heels. I repeat, do not wear stiletto heels. There are a bunch of grassy dirt areas that you might have to walk in so wear chunky heels or sandals please.

Our wedding ceremony is outdoors in the lawn area with a traditional canopy, but our reception will be indoors at the Grand Ballroom.

Yes! We would love for you to take photos and share them with us. However, please refrain from taking photos during the ceremony.

Please call Seva at +91-76710 25163.

Thank you for being a part of our lives!

Shreeji & Shubhankar

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